Auditing, implementation, consulting, and training services to help businesses to create and sustain a culture consistent with the principles of fair treatment.




“..banks and financial services stay the two least trusted industry sectors for the third year in a row.”


The Conduct Risk Consultancy was created by Stephen Rosling to help financial services firms in the UK and Asia re-focus on the way they manage the risk of poor conduct – to create a culture consistent with the universal principles of fair treatment.


Our purpose

To challenge the way businesses and employees think about what the fair treatment of customer’s means and to help them restore and build customer trust.


Our philosophy and beliefs

We believe that customer trust is a fundamental part of customer satisfaction. We believe that treating customers fairly is more than a regulatory, risk management or compliance requirement – in short, more than a tick box exercise. We believe behaviours, as well as systems and processes need to change in order to create and sustain a culture of fair treatment.  Research shows that focusing on integrity and customer trust adds to the bottom line. As such all our services work towards:



Who we are

The Conduct Risk Consultancy has an international reach with associates based in the UK, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. We are happy to partner with selected organisations to help them expand their offerings and benefit from reciprocal arrangements. If you share similar values and are interested in partnership or strategic alliance opportunities please use the contact page details to get in touch.


stephen_roslingStephen Rosling has worked in the UK financial services sector for over 25 years, holding senior customer management positions in Aviva, Friends Life, Friends Provident International. He is currently working with top tier UK banking group on a major transformational project.
Global Business Counselling is a multi-disciplined total solutions provider that provide organizations with the tools and know-how to achieve solutions-based outcomes. Established in January 2009, Global Business Counselling has offices in Singapore and Sri Lanka in addition to several Strategic Alliances with global coverage. As a Total Solutions Provider, Global Business Counselling has an unrivaled collective expertise in strategy & planning, government affairs, public relations, sustainability, compliance, legal and regulatory affairs, human resource development, supply chain management, analytics, diagnostics, market research, and process improvement. Global Business Counselling has been associated with TCF in delivering Reputation Management Solutions to clients in the Asia Pacific region since 2015.
tbcSatya Narayanan has more than 20 years of experience in the Asia Pacific telecommunication services sector. He has held senior customer service positions in Lucent Technologies and Alcatel-Lucent and now specialises in all aspects of Customer Experience analysis. He is currently engaged with a major General Insurance group in Malaysia.



 Efforts to restore the industry’s reputation must be matched by a behavioural shift within the organisation”


The Conduct Risk Consultancy recognises the individuality and uniqueness of each business and therefore works by first understanding your specific needs and circumstances before recommending solutions and approaches. The Conduct Risk Consultancy can provide a free initial review that enables you to identify key priorities. Services can then be tailored from the following to help meet your goals.


 - Full Audit: A full independent assessment of how well the principles of conduct risk are embedded across all functions of the firm. The assessment will look at all elements of a firm’s culture: strategy, leadership, decision-making, processes, controls, MI, recruitment and reward.

- Bespoke Audit: An assessment of part of the firm. This could be by function and/or processes.Each audit would include, if appropriate, recommendations to address any areas of weakness.




Champion/director/manager “on demand” for those businesses that don’t require a full time advocate but will still benefit from an independent sounding board for conduct risk  issues whether on a regular basis or for one off projects.

- A programme of individual coaching sessions to provide executives, managers and employees with an independent view to help identify, define and improve on their key conduct risk priorities.

- Clinics
are a cost effective way of businesses benefitting from services by having a Conduct Risk Consultancy coach ‘on-site’ for a day providing 121 sessions to multiple employees.

- Team
coaching can either be delivered as part of a programme to improve performance or for specific sessions


Use the contact page to get in touch and discuss your own individual requirements. International enquires are welcome.


Why choose the Conduct Risk Consultancy?


Fairness is not just an attitude. It is a professional skill that must be developed and exercised.”







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Satya Narayanan (Malaysia) on +6019 3294922


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